The Forgotten Grapes
The Forgotten Grapes

The Forgotten Grapes

Savour the Unsung: Dive into the Secret World with Fredrik Åkerman’s Groundbreaking Guide

Have you ever wanted to explore the world of wine beyond the usual suspects? Are you tired of drinking wine from the same old grape varieties and craving something new and exciting? Are you seeking new and unique wines but often struggle to find information on lesser-known grape varieties?

It’s frustrating to explore the world of wine and only come across the same popular grape varieties. As a wine enthusiast, you feel you’re missing out on a whole world of delicious, undiscovered flavours. It’s a missed opportunity to truly expand your wine knowledge and taste buds.

A Journey to Lesser-Known and Underrated Grape Varieties

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Introducing “The Forgotten Grapes” – your ticket to your journey through the lesser-known and underrated grape varieties. This book dives deep into the captivating stories of rare and forgotten grape varieties in Portugal. Written by wine expert Fredrik Åkerman, who has dedicated his life to uncovering hidden gems, this book is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for wine lovers seeking to expand their horizons.

Discover a plethora of unique Portuguese grape varieties that will take your palate on an extraordinary journey. From the obscure and almost extinct to the revitalized and thriving, “The Forgotten Grapes” showcases the remarkable resilience of these overlooked vines.

A Must-Have Book: Your Ticket to Discovering Rare Wines

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Fredrik’s expertise and passion shine through as he introduces you to the histories, regions, and flavour profiles of these exceptional grape varieties. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply curious to expand your wine repertoire, this book is a must-have addition to your collection.

“The Forgotten Grapes” is your ticket to discovering rare wines that will impress your friends, elevate your wine-tasting experiences, and add a touch of intrigue to your cellar. Don’t settle for the ordinary – let the extraordinary flavours of these forgotten Portuguese grape varieties enchant your senses.

Become an Expert in the Extraordinary

Embrace the diversity and depth of the wine world with “The Forgotten Grapes” – a captivating exploration into the lesser-known treasures that will revolutionize your wine journey. Get ready to uncork a world of delicious surprises and become an expert in the extraordinary.

It is an attractive book about Portugal's grape treasures. Fredrik Åkerman has extensive experience with Portugal, its wine production, and its fantastic diversity of grapes and wine styles. These are, in many cases, not found anywhere else. The book "The Forgotten Grapes" describes this richness. The presentation is informative and easy to read, so the book suits all wine enthusiasts regardless of background. I highly recommend it!

Sverker Sundås

Munskänkarna Grebbestad

I find the book interesting since I am interested in all the grapes used in winemaking. Most wine lovers know three, possibly four or five grapes, but there are many more to learn. It is a factual book about odd grapes with a rich history. A fantastic piece of work is behind this book. It should be in every wine lover's library.

Östen Nilsson

A goldmine of information on Portuguese grapes. A well-structured book that describes the Portuguese wine grapes. The book is informative, clear and structured in different sections, as well as some wine history. I like!

Lasse Karlström