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About Vinha Portugal

Fredrik Åkerman

Fredrik Åkerman
Fredrik Åkerman

Unearthing and explaining Portugal’s Wine Treasures

Vinha Portugal is the creation of Fredrik Åkerman, an esteemed and world-leading authority on the wine country of Portugal, its grape varieties, and wines. For over three decades, Fredrik has dedicated his life to exploring Portugal’s rich and diverse wine country, translating the language of its grapes into a story every wine lover can savour.

His mission is simple: to increase the understanding and enjoyment of Portuguese wines through knowledge. Fredrik is an engaging educator who is never happier than when he shares his love of Portuguese wines with others. You can’t help but be drawn in by his enthusiasm.

Fredrik’s journey into the world of wines began in 1992 with his wine trade training in London. His passion for Portuguese wines took root, blossoming into a career that includes roles as an educator, lecturer, author, writer, tour organiser and judge.

In 2023, he launched his first book, “The Forgotten Grapes – The Wine Taster’s Complete Guide to 103 Grape Varieties in Portugal”. This literary work is a testament to his expertise and commitment to educating others about the hidden gems of Portugal’s wine country.

Join us on a journey to uncover the secrets of Portugal’s wine country

Whether you’re a curious amateur or a seasoned professional, Vinha Portugal is here to enrich your wine-tasting experience. Let us guide you through Portugal’s best-kept secrets and help you discover the magic that lies hidden in its vineyards.

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