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A goldmine of information on Portuguese grapes. A well-structured book that describes the Portuguese wine grapes. The book is informative, clear and structured in different sections, as well as some wine history. I like!

Lasse Karlström

It is invaluable for those who want to learn more about the grapes from Portugal, which are somewhat unusual in the wine world. Very interesting!

Lennart Smith

Fantastic grape portraits. Excellent language and beautiful illustrations. Structured presentations of the different grape varieties. The division of the most important and the “other” grapes makes the book suitable for all categories of readers. From nerd to beginner. Very good!

Kristina Nilsson

About the author

Fredrik Åkerman

Fredrik Åkerman
Fredrik Åkerman

Unearthing and explaining Portugal’s Wine Treasures

Discover the captivating world of Portuguese wines with Fredrik Åkerman, a renowned author and educator who’s spent the past three decades immersing himself in the vineyards of Portugal. Fredrik’s passion, expertise, and unparalleled experience shine through in every aspect of his work. If you’re a wine enthusiast looking to delve deeper into the complexities of Portuguese wines, Fredrik is the guide you need.

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the forgotten grapes book cover
the forgotten grapes book cover

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The Forgotten Grapes

Savour the Unsung: Dive into the Secret World with Fredrik Åkerman’s Groundbreaking Guide